Texting While Driving Accidents

California law bans texting while driving, including the use of electronic devices for writing, sending and receiving text messages. Drivers who violate this law can and should be held accountable for injuries that are caused by their negligence.

Texting Is A Serious Problem

Crash data statistics from numerous sources indicate that texting while driving significantly diminishes driver safety. In fact, some studies show that texting while driving has a more significant impact on driver responsiveness than drunk driving.

Unfortunately, reports also show that texting and driving is on the rise. Negligent drivers continue to send text messages and read text messages when they should be keeping their eyes on the road in front of them. That moment that they take their eyes off the road is all that it takes to rear-end a vehicle or swerve into another lane and crash into a vehicle.

Have You Been Injured In A Texting And Driving Accident?

Were you or a loved one in a car crash that you believe may have been caused by a negligent driver who was texting while behind the wheel? You have a right to be compensated for the cost of your necessary medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other injuries and losses. I am lawyer Chris Purcell, and I am committed to protecting your rights.

With more than 20 years of experience on my side, I know how to conduct a thorough investigation. Through police reports, witness statements and cellphone records, I will find out if the negligent driver was texting and driving. If my investigation uncovers that the negligent driver disregarded California's texting and driving ban and broke the law, I will make certain that he or she is held accountable and that you get full compensation.

Even in these cases, in which the evidence seems clear cut, the insurance company may try to avoid paying sufficient compensation. I prepare texting and driving cases for the possibility of trial, negotiate with a firm resolve and take cases to court when necessary to ensure that my clients are treated fairly. When you need someone to fight for you, I am ready.

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