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When Drunk Drivers Injure The Innocent

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More than thirty percent of all traffic accident fatalities in the United States involve a motorist who was driving under the influence. It takes very little alcohol to reach the legal limit, which is a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 percent in every state. Even after only one drink, a driver’s skills can be impaired and can result in swerving and in delayed reactions. According to statistics published by the National Commission Against Drunk Driving, about a quarter of a million people are injured each year by drunk drivers, and about 10,000 of those injuries are fatal. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, traffic crashes that are linked to alcohol cost the United States approximately $51 billion every year. Although convicted drunk drivers are punished under the law in every state, and they may also be sued in civil courts for personal injury damages, in many cases, it is still the drunk driver’s innocent victims who suffer the most, and sometimes no amount of money can ever truly compensate for that suffering.

When someone gets behind the wheel after having too much to drink, that driver puts every other nearby motorist, passenger, and pedestrian at risk for an accident and for serious personal injuries. Even if you survive a collision with an intoxicated driver, you could sustain catastrophic injuries such as broken bones, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, severe burns, and more. If you are injured in an accident with a drunk driver, get medical help first, then take your case to a good personal injury lawyer, and in southern California, to an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney. In this state and in every other state, the law entitles personal injury victims to receive full compensation for all of their medical costs, lost wages, and all other losses and expenses, present and future, tied to the injuries caused by a drunk driver.

Orange County personal injury attorney


However, being “entitled” by the law to compensation does not mean that obtaining compensation will be easy. You’ll have to prove that you were injured – in a specific accident and by a specific drunk driver – with the help and advice of a good personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer can investigate the details of the accident, gather the evidence and question the witnesses, and fight aggressively for the financial compensation that you’ll need and deserve. Of course, it may take some time, and you’ll need to help your attorney and follow his or her recommendations and instructions. If you are injured by an intoxicated motorist, it is essential and imperative to consult with a good personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible. Evidence deteriorates. Witnesses forget. Both sometimes disappear. Your lawyer needs to be on the case as early as possible.

When a drunk driver injures someone, that victim has a good chance of prevailing with a personal injury claim. A driver’s failure to pass a breathalyzer exam is persuasive evidence in a personal injury case, and a driving under the influence conviction is even more persuasive. Nevertheless – and no matter how much cash is involved in a settlement or verdict – it’s often the innocent victim who ultimately pays the higher price in drunk driving accidents. Jada Benge of Bakersfield was only 33 years old, for example, when she was killed in a drunk driving accident in Monterey County back in 2004. The young mother left behind three small girls and a husband who were also seriously injured when a drunk teenager crashed into them. “The pain is still there,” husband Michael Benge told KBAK and KBFX News. “My girls were 8, 9 and 12 at the time when they watched their mother die.”

Rebekah Bowers Sanders also knows the anguish that an intoxicated driver can cause. Last year, she and her husband were on their way to Tulsa, Oklahoma, when a drunk driver crashed into their vehicle outside of Paris, Texas. Combined, the couple sustained broken ribs, broken arms, broken legs, a dislocated hip and shoulder, a broken eye socket, a shattered wrist, a sprained ankle and wrist, torn ligaments, and deep severe bruises. Rebekah Bowers Sanders recently told KLFY News: “I have yet to regain the vision in my right eye, and it is extremely unlikely that I will ever see out of it again. I will never get to look over my shoulder at my children playing in the backseat of the car. I will never be able to put on eyeliner the same way. I cannot enjoy 3-D movies anymore, and driving is a constant stress. So many other tasks that used to be easy take extra time and attention. You don’t realize how much you need the vision in both eyes until you lose one of them.”

Orange County personal injury attorney


The most egregious injuries suffered by a drunk driver’s innocent victims can impact those victims and their families for life. Any blow to the head can cause a traumatic brain injury. Brain and spinal cord injuries happen far too frequently in serious traffic accidents. So does whiplash, which is common when a powerful impact occurs at the rear of a vehicle. Muscular, skeletal, and tissue injuries can very negatively affect your capacity to perform your work or to meet other routine responsibilities.

And while some of these injuries heal over time, the emotional ramifications of being injured by an impaired driver can last for life. Seriously injured accident survivors like Michael Benge and Rebekah Bowers Sanders are often at risk for grave psychological hardships after sustaining permanent and disabling injuries. The future can look genuinely bleak, and some survivors are overcome by feelings of isolation, alienation, depression, and fear. Those feelings can follow an accident survivor for the remainder of his or her life. But even without overwhelming, long-term psychological problems, accident survivors who have sustained serious injuries will almost certainly deal with some amount of depression for some length of time. Jobs and marriages can suffer. Sure, from the legal standpoint, drunk drivers are punished for their crimes, but in the bigger picture of life, it often seems like it’s the innocent victims who receive the greater punishments.

Orange County personal injury attorney


If you are involved in a traffic collision with an intoxicated driver, try to stay calm and collected. You need to take care of several important tasks almost at once, so you’ll need to think clearly and rationally. The first thing you must do is to seek medical attention for yourself and for anyone else who might be injured. Even if you don’t “feel” like you’ve been injured, it is important to be checked out by a healthcare professional. When an accident happens, adrenaline rushes through you, and it can disguise your immediate pain. In other cases, you might feel somewhat sore after a crash and try to shrug it off. Don’t. A minor pain or ache could develop into a serious medical condition days or even sometimes weeks later.

You also need to call the police when a traffic crash happens. You might need officers to testify as witnesses if you file a claim for reimbursement, and you’ll need a copy of their accident report. If there are additional witnesses, get their names and contact information. You must get the other driver’s name, contact, and insurance information. Usually after an accident, everyone tries to be helpful, but if the driver who crashed into you is too hurt, too drunk, or too antagonistic to work with you, ask the police officers to help you get what you need.

Every driver needs to be able to take photographs, and for almost everyone, cell phones now make that possible. Take plenty of photos after a traffic collision – you can’t take too many – of the accident site, the damages to the vehicles, the license plates on all of the vehicles, and your own visible injuries. If you are injured, ask someone to take those pictures for you. Often, photos can confirm a victim’s personal injury claims and lead to a quick settlement. Of course, you’ll need copies of any document that’s pertinent to the accident and injury – test results, medical bills, the police accident report, and any other related document. Keep all of your appointments for treatment and get the healthcare that you need. You’ll also be generating the medical records that your personal injury lawyer requires to advocate for the compensation you need.

When someone is injured by a drunk driver, a personal injury claim is likely to prevail if that driver is convicted of DUI, but you still have to prove your injury happened in that accident – not in some other way – and you also have to prove how much your injuries have cost you. Frankly, money cannot replace many of the losses that drunk drivers are responsible for, but a good personal injury lawyer will do everything to help you win a settlement or verdict that lets you move forward positively and constructively with your life. If you or someone you love is injured by an intoxicated driver in southern California, do not hesitate. Immediately take your case to an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney.

Shopping in Riverside

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Locals and tourists alike will have a hard time running out of places to shop in Riverside, California. Riverside is home to a wide assortment of shopping malls and niche stores. Here are some of the best places to go shopping in Riverside.

Riverside Plaza

Riverside Plaza is packed with great entertainment, shopping, and dining options. You’ll find a variety of stores such as Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, Forever 21, Le Vive Jewelry, Lucky Feet Shoes, and GameStop. When you get hungry from walking around the shopping center then you can stop in at one of the many dining locations available. The center is home to many delicious eateries including California Pizza Kitchen, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Starbucks, The Habit Burger Grill, Ooka Japanese Restaurant, Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks, and much more! Riverside Plaza also has a theater and hosts special events throughout the year like its summer concert series. You’ll never run out of places to shop or things to do at Riverside Plaza.

Galleria at Tyler

This regional shopping mall began its life as the Tyler Mall. With plenty of shops, events, dining choices, and an AMC Theatres theater, there are more than enough activities going on to keep you occupied at this mall. You’ll find stores that sell clothing, specialty items, electronics, home and housewares, sporting goods, and more. You’ll recognize the big store names here like American Eagle Outfitters, Nordstrom, JCPenney, Macy’s, Gymboree, and H&M. Catch a movie and grab a quick bite to eat at the Stone Oven, Villa Italian Kitchen, or Mrs. Field’s Cookies. If you have time to sit down and eat, then you’ll want to try one of the full-service restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory or Miguel’s Jr Restaurant. Be sure to stop in on Sundays to shop for fresh, local, and organic produce at the weekly farmers market near the Barnes & Noble parking lot.

Main Street Pedestrian Mall

This mall stretches along Main Street from 5th to 10th. You’ll find the convention center at the end of the outdoor mall. Go for a nice walk in the California sunshine while browsing the many stores along the way. You’ll find shopping, dining, entertainment, statues, beautiful scenery, and photo ops along on your walk. You might even see street performers.

Canyon Crest Towne Centre

Canyon Crest Towne Centre is an excellent place to go for entertainment, shopping, and tasty dining options. The Centre even hosts an annual beer walk in May. With over 20 unique restaurants you’ll be sure to find something to suite everyone’s appetite. Canyon Crest Towne Center has a wide variety of stores and restaurants that range from Pawlished Paws Boutique and Spa for cats and dogs to Riverside Karate. The directory for the shopping center includes Lavish Boutique, Cellar Door Books, Chevron Car Wash, Chiropractic Wellness Center, Great Clips, Helios Cigar Lounge, H&R Block, Romano’s Concert Lounge, The Gazebo Flowers & Gifts, and Extreme Pita. You can make an entire day trip out of perusing the assortment of shops at Canyon Crest Towne Centre.

State Parks in Orange County

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Orange County, California, is home to multiple state parks that include several state beaches. These parks all showcase the natural beauty of Southern California. If you’re in the area, you’ll want to try to visit each one of these as they all offer something unique for their visitors.

Bolsa Chica State Beach

This state park is home to a well-known surfing location. The park is connected to Huntington Beach State Park via bike trail. The park is also popular for skating and wildlife observation. Grass areas are open for picnics and fire rings are available on a first-come, first-served basis. It’s a great location for family gatherings and group outings. You’ll find campsites available for visitors at this Orange County state park.

Corona del Mar State Beach

The Corona del Mar State Beach is an excellent choice for swimming. Surfers and divers will also enjoy the waters at Corona del Mar. The beach is a half a mile long and framed by scenic cliffs and rock jetty leading to the east entrance of the Newport Harbor. Hiking trails are available at Corona del Mar as well as food service, restrooms, outdoor showers, and drinking water.

Crystal Cove State Beach

This gem of a destination is located between Laguna Beach and Corona del Mar. With approximately three miles of coastline this park also features open bluffs and wooded canyons. It’s a local hotspot for swimming, surfing, scuba diving, skin diving, and sunbathing. Inland areas offer mountain biking spots. The sunny California park comes complete with restrooms, paved pathways, picnic areas, and a boardwalk. The park’s entire offshore area is considered an underwater nature preserve.

Doheny State Beach

This state beach is a great choice for camping. It has over 100 campsites with many of them just a short walk from the beach. The beach here is a great surfing location. The Doheny State Beach includes a visitor center with aquariums for viewing that demonstrate tide pool and sea life. The park is open year-round and welcomes dogs in the campground and picnic areas as long as they are on a leash. Dogs are not permitted on the beach.

Huntington State Beach

This gorgeous state park offers a two-mile-long stretch of sandy beach along with a multi-purpose trail. Amenities at the park include picnic tables, volleyball nets, outdoor showers, and food concessions. The park includes six wheelchair access ramps that lead to the beach. The park is a day use beach. Across from the beach is over 100 acres of wetlands called the Huntington Beach Wetlands. It’s a wildlife sanctuary for endangered and threatened bird species such as the California least tern and the snowy plover.

San Clemente State Beach

Like many state parks in Orange County, San Clemente State Beach is a great spot for surfing. Body surfers and swimmers will also enjoy the waters at the park. The park recently added a new visitor center which displays the area’s local history. You’ll find campsites and RV hookups for staying overnight at San Clemente State Beach.

The Best Burgers in Riverside

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There’s just something about sitting down and enjoying one of America’s best comfort foods. Whether it’s smothered in melty cheese and grilled onions, served fresh with crisp lettuce and juicy tomatoes, or any other creative combination that a restaurant can think of, burgers just hit the spot. Each city has their own local favorite burger joints that serve up the best in town. Here’s a list of the best burgers in Riverside, California.

Burger Boss

Arguably one of the best burger joints in the entire state of California, this restaurant is well-known for its delicious, grass-fed burgers. Their burgers are made to order and use the freshest ingredients. Vegetarians will be excited to hear that Burger Boss even offers a black bean burger option. Burger Boss offers a premium, healthier burger than their competitors. You pick your protein, bun, cheese, sauce, and toppings for a complete, custom experience. Will you go with the bleu cheese crumble or provolone? Organic fried egg or grilled jalapenos? Garlic herb mayo or cajun buffalo? You’ll have to keep coming back to try the next tasty combination. Even the fries have 15 different topping options!

Bucket List Burgers

Bucket List Burgers also offers a build your own burger experience as well as some of their classic, burger masterpieces. At Bucket List you can choose from more than just beef. You can order a turkey burger, veggie burger, or grilled chicken breast. Choose from toppings like grilled mushrooms, pineapple, sundried tomatoes, and sauerkraut. Or, grab a Bucket List burger favorite, a tried and true burger combo like the 8 Second Bull BBQ Burger, the Little Italy Caprese Burger, and the Oktoberfest Burger. Bucket List serves up some delicious side dishes, too. Complete your meal with chili cheese fries, onion rings, or fresh cut french fries.

Zorba’s Char-Broiled Burgers

Zorba’s Burgers is more than just a burger joint, though they still serve up an infamously tasty burger. They also serve breakfast, fish, shrimp, and ribeye dinners, even gyros and grinders. They’re best known for their char-broiled burgers, though. They keep the burger options simple and delicious with classics such as double cheeseburgers, bacon burgers, chili burgers, veggie burgers, and patty melts. With one of the best burgers in town you’ll have to order the burgers at least once, but come back to try the rest of the menu.

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is known around the country and is a California staple. The Riverside location dishes up the same delicious burgers that has made the chain famous. It may be a fast food restaurant, but this joint makes their burgers fresh without the use of microwaves, heat lamps, or freezers. Just good, fresh, quality food made the old-fashioned way. Try the Double-Double, a famous burger made with two 100% American beef patties, American cheese slices, fresh lettuce, grilled or sliced onion, tomato, and In-N-Out’s own recipe spread that hasn’t been changed since 1948. A burger with a milkshake is simply perfection. You’ll want to pair your In-N-Out burger with one of their 100% real ice cream milkshakes. They have three classic flavors to choose from with their vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry shakes.

Golf Courses in Riverside

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A round of golf is the perfect way to spend the day in sunny California. The ideal weather and natural beauty of the state make it the ideal location for a golf outing. Here are some of the best golf courses to try in Riverside, California.

Oak Quarry Golf Club

Oak Quarry Golf Club contains one of Southern California’s award-winning, championship golf courses. It offers an exciting, 18-hole course to test your skills. The unique landscape of the course is a result of the area’s marble mining history in the Jensen Quarry. The marble mining facilities were abandoned in 1979, and nearly two decades later the area opened back up as one of the state’s most impressive golf courses. Stop out for a challenging round of golf and end the day with a delicious lunch at The Restaurant at Oak Quarry’s casual dining eatery.

Jurupa Hills Country Club

This public golf course got its start in 1960. It features tree borders on a primarily flat course with well-maintained greens. Jurupa Hills offers a Men’s Club, a Women’s Club, and a facility for weddings and banquets. Aside from traditional golf, you can try a game of FootGolf. This sport combines golf and soccer. It has its origins in the Netherlands and was spread around the globe, including Riverside, California. The goal is to get the ball in the hole with as few strokes as possible, much like regular golf. Whether you’re looking for a traditional golfing experience or ready to try a round of FootGolf, then you’ll enjoy spending the day at Jurupa Hills Country Club.

Indian Hills Country Club

There are no parallel fairways to be found on this public, 18-hole golf course. The course is hilly with rolling stretches of land and elevation changes to make for a challenging game. The Riverside County foothills create a beautiful scenery for the course. Indian Hills has been a fantastic golf destination in the community for over half a century. Like Jurupa Hills, this course also offers FootGolf. You’ll find the Indian Hills Golf and FootGolf shop provides all of your golfing needs at a great price. Stop in at the 19th Hole Pub and Grille for some great tasting, high-quality food in a laid-back atmosphere.

Van Buren Golf Center

This public golf facility is one of the leading places for golf in the Riverside area. It contains a 9-hole executive course with gorgeous landscaping. The course contains holes that range from 326 yards to 85 yards to keep the game interesting for beginners and advanced golfers. There are plenty of practice areas available as well. Van Buren Golf Center offers a Junior Golf Program for younger golfers. You’ll also find a Pro Shop and the Brooks Bar during your visit.

Canyon Crest Country Club

Canyon Crest Country Club is a private golf club located in the suburbs of Riverside. The place has an elegant clubhouse with scenic views of the surrounding mountains and palm trees. In addition to a great golf course, Canyon Crest also offers tennis, swimming, and a fitness center. You’ll find tournaments and golf outings as well as facilities for hosting weddings, corporate meetings, and special events.

Arts & Culture in Riverside

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Riverside, California, is home to a rich culture with an emphasis on the arts. Residents and visitors alike will enjoy exploring the artistic talents that Riverside has to offer. Here are some of the city’s notable art and cultural organizations and events.

The City of Riverside’s Arts & Cultural Affairs Division (ACAD)

The City Council of Riverside formed the Arts & Cultural Division with the purpose of making Riverside a center for education, culture, arts, and entertainment. It was formed between 2005 and 2006. The key objectives of the organization are to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors of the city and build a strong local economy with a basis in arts and culture. The ACAD is responsible for overseeing, developing, and planning Riverside’s art programs and cultural activities. It also oversees the development and management of scholarships and grants. In addition to these responsibilities, ACAD also negotiates contracts for the city’s arts and cultural facilities.

Riverside Children’s Theatre

The Riverside Children’s Theatre, also known as the RCT, is a non-profit organization and Riverside’s leading children’s theatre. It began in 1957 and has since introduced thousands of children to the world of theatre through drama instruction and performance opportunities on and off stage. The RCT program is available for children from kindergarten through 8th grade. Students in 9th grade and above can participate in a tech class where they learn production skills, make-up lessons, and stage crew skills. RCT has two musical productions each year and relies on the help of volunteers, including parents, to help the productions go smoothly.

The Riverside Community Players

The Riverside Community Players began with a group of amateurs in 1925 that wanted to produce plays. The audience and actors both showed so much interest that in 1926 they became their own organization called the Community Players. The group features productions throughout the season that blend mystery, comedy, drama, and music. The group offers season tickets and individual tickets to its productions as well as daytime performances for school field trips.

Riverside Dickens Festival

The Riverside Dickens Festival is an annual celebration of the life and times of the famous author, Charles Dickens. Each year the festival features a wide variety of events that pay homage to the legacy of the author and take visitors back to the place and time that Dickens lived. Festival attendees will delight in seeing the elaborate costumes that portray the historic era. There are plenty of activities to attend at the festival including Mr. Fezziwig’s Ball where the event’s dance master instructs attendees through waltzes and polkas. Other events such as the Victorian Fashion Show, Grand Dickens Parade, and the Trial of Jack the Ripper all serve to engage the audience of festival attendees.

The Riverside Artswalk

This community event occurs every first Thursday of the month in Riverside. It serves to celebrate the diversity of culture and art in the area. Over 20 venues participate, including art galleries, museums, studios, and the local library. There are plenty of restaurants along the walk to stop and grab a bite while you enjoy the event. The Artswalk is hosted by the Riverside Arts Council.

Most Populated Cities in Orange County

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Orange County is one of the most popular places to live in California. The county boasts attractions such as Disneyland and multiple popular beaches. With its booming tourism industry and warm climate, it comes to no surprise that it would be a well-populated area. Here are some of the most heavily populated cities located in Orange County.


Anaheim is the most populous city in Orange County, according to the 2010 census. That makes sense, knowing that Anaheim is home to multiple theme parks, the Anaheim Ducks ice hockey club, the Angels baseball team, and the Anaheim Convention Center. The economy of Anaheim is based on tourism with the Walt Disney Company being the largest employer in the area. Major city attractions include the Disneyland Resort, the Anaheim GardenWalk, the Honda Center, and the Oak Canyon Nature Center.

Santa Ana

Santa Ana serves as the county seat for Orange County. It’s the second most populous city in Orange County. Santa Ana shares its name with the Santa Ana Freeway that runs through it, and the Santa Ana winds and Santa Ana Mountains. The city is home to multiple corporate headquarters including CoreLogic, First American Corporation, STEC, TTM Technologies, Behr Paint, and Wahoo’s Fish Taco. The top employer is the County of Orange. Santa Ana boasts an abundance of parks and is located close to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. Beaches are also located nearby and the city has many shopping centers and dining areas to choose from.


Irvine is another heavily populated city in Orange County. Many tech companies and companies in the semiconductor sector call the affluent city of Irvine their home. There are many higher education facilities in Irvine that include the University of California, Irvine (UCI), the Orange County Center of the University of Southern California, and the University of La Verne, just to name a few. Irvine’s top employers are the University of California, Irvine, and Edwards Lifesciences. The city is home to many community and neighborhood parks. It also hosts The Irvine Global Village Festival and is often used as a filming location for multiple productions.

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is another city in Orange County that boasts a heavy population. This beach city was named after a railroad magnate. The city is well-known for its beach culture. It contains a nearly 10-mile sandy beach stretch with waves that are ideal for surfing year round. Huntington Beach is often referred to as “Surf City”. Boeing, Quiksilver, and Cambro Manufacturing are the largest employers in the city.

Garden Grove

In the Northern part of Orange County is the well-populated city of Garden Grove. West Garden Grove is the western part of the city. The city has a strong art culture with two home theaters at Garden Grove, the Festival Amphitheater and the Gem Theater. An annual Shakespeare festival is hosted by the Festival Amphitheater. The top employers in Huntington Beach include Air Industries Corp, American Apparel Knit & Dye, Prime Healthcare Services, and Walmart.

The Best Food Trucks in Orange County

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Orange County, CA, has become a center for the growing food truck scene. The food trucks offer everything from gourmet, artisan dishes to comfort foods and BBQ. Foodies will love the on-the-go options available via food trucks in Orange County. Here are some of the best options around.

Chubbee Monkee Food Truck

This food truck is serving up food with attitude! The truck sources ingredients for their Asian American style cuisine from local farmers and mom ‘n pop style bakeries. The Chubbee Monkee offers local favorites such as cheeseburger egg rolls, smoked brisket fried rice, and jungle fries. The “monkee” wings over rice are actually scrumptious garlic chili, soy0glazed chicken wings.

The Burnt Truck

The Burnt Truck is a local favorite and made the Orange County Hot List as the best food truck around in 2017. This truck was the first to serve up a new concept in the food truck industry of Orange County by exclusively selling gourmet sliders. The Burnt Truck team is dedicated to producing the best quality, made-from-scratch sliders. The sliders feature premium ingredients such as quail egg, pork belly, and fried mozzarella. They even offer vegetarian options for the non-carnivore foodie.

Soho Taco

Soho Taco is a critically acclaimed taco catering company that specializes in traditional tacos with a gourmet twist. Their food truck caters to meat-eaters and vegetarians alike with beef, shrimp, chicken, and grilled vegetable options. The flour and corn tortillas are all freshly made and dished up with salsa and fresh toppings such as diced onions, lemon cilantro, and flavorful tomatoes.

Hobo Co. Pizza

You’ll find some of the best thin crust pizza in Orange County with Hobo Co.’s artisan pizza truck. The specialty pies are hand tossed and custom made. You can order favorite pizzas such as the meat lover’s, garden pizza, pizza margherita, Hobo Hawaiian pizza, or the creative McKenzie pizza that features chicken, bacon, pesto, pear, and mozzarella. You also have the option to pick your own toppings. You won’t believe that pizza this good and fresh came from a food truck.

Tri-Tip Man

Smokin’ sandwiches are served up daily at the Tri-Tip Man food truck. This food truck is on a mission to serve up the best smoked tri-tips, sandwiches, and other tasty cowboy specials. The tri-tips are marinated in a unique “Kickin’ Cowboy Rub,” a coffee-based blend of spices. The truck is famous on its route for their signature dishes including the Chuck Wagon platter that features tri-tips, coleslaw, beans, and fresh french fries. Another classic is simply referred to as Jane. Jane is a smoked tri-tip sandwich with the choice of Carolina mustard, signature BBQ sauce, or the spicy Fuego sauce.

Mad Dumplings

This popular food truck serves Asian-fusion dumpling creations. The aroma of this truck is enough to make your mouth water. Mad Dumplings offers five-piece dumpling orders and Asian-fusion waffle fries. The menu ranges from traditional dumpling to the creative, deep-fried macaroni and cheese dumpling called the Mac Attack. It’s topped with cayenne pepper and spicy cilantro mayo.

Camping in Orange County

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Locals and residents alike will find that Orange County, with its warm weather and waterfronts, is an ideal destination for camping. Whether you’re looking for a simple campground to bring a tent or an RV resort to set up camp, you’ll find the perfect spot. Here are some of the best camping places in Orange County, California.

Bolsa Chica State Beach

This popular state beach offers plenty of activities for its guests. Bolsa Chica is an excellent choice for surfing, volleyball, water sports, sunbathing, and family outings. If you have a permit, you can go hand fishing on the surf. The site has 50 campsites that include water hookups and electric hookups. Campsites include outdoor showers, bathrooms, and picnic areas. Fire rings are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Tents are not allowed, but you’re welcome to bring self-contained RVs to camp in.

Crystal Cove State Park

This scenic park is positioned north of Laguna beach. The land offers open space and a natural seashore. Crystal Cove State Park is home to approximately 2,400 acres of wilderness making it an ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts, equestrians, and hikers. Enjoy exploring sandy coves, rocky reefs, and tide pools during your stay. The staff offer guided hikes, geology talks, and tide poolwalks. The campgrounds are inland and primitive. It’s the perfect place to get away from the bustle of the city.

Orange County Fair & Event Center

The Orange County Fair & Event Center is well known for its entertainment, shopping, animals, and of course, deep-fried fair food. It’s home to the Pacific Amphitheatre, the Heroes Hall veterans museum, and a three-acre working farm called Centennial Farm. The location hosts around 150 events during the year. You may not know that in addition to its exhibitions and concerts, the OC Fair & Event Center also offers on-site camping. Visitors are welcome to bring their pets along with their campers and RVs. The site does not take reservations. Campground sites are rented on a first-come, first-served basis.

San Clemente State Beach

The San Clemente State Beach is a well-known destination for surfers. The scenic beach is known for its great surf and pleasant climate. The park amenities go beyond just surfing. You’ll find hiking and biking trails, nature trails, picnic areas, horseback riding trails, and swimming areas. Group campsites, family campsites, and RV hookups are available. The mile-long beach is the perfect escape from the busy life in the city.

Anaheim Resort RV Park

This resort RV park is the best spot for a vacation destination. It makes an excellent home base for exploring the major attractions of Anaheim, including Disneyland! Just a mile away from the Disneyland Resort, the Anaheim Resort RV Park offers shuttles to Disneyland Resort every 20 – 30 minutes throughout the day. You can purchase tickets to the Disneyland Resort and other Orange County attractions at the front counter of the RV park. In addition to catering to attraction seekers, the RV resort offers a cafe, free Wi-Fi, cable TV, a hot water spa, and swimming pool to enjoy your time while camping. The resort includes handicap accessible restrooms, full hookups, premium pull-thrus, laundry facilities, and more. Pets are welcome and have their own dog walk areas!

The Best Milkshakes in Orange County

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When the temperature heats up in sunny Orange County then there is no better way to cool off than with a delicious milkshake. The area is well-known for its wide variety of eateries and restaurants. It comes to no surprise that this foodie destination also harbors some of the best milkshakes in the state. Here are some of the best milkshakes in Orange County, CA that you’ll want to bring along on your next trip to the beach.

Strickland’s Ice Cream

This ice cream franchise was founded in 1936 and has been dishing up delicious ice cream ever since. It started with the original owner developing his own rich ice cream recipe after years of working for Akron Pure Milk. Strickland’s is famous for their frozen custard and milkshakes. They use an antique dipper for their ice cream cones that gives it a unique “stretched” appearance. Their milkshakes come in a variety of flavors like pineapple, strawberry, Oreo cookie, peanut butter, caramel, butterscotch, cherry, and more. Make sure to stop in frequently to try the new flavor of the day.

The Straw: Modern Milkshakes

This place puts a modern twist on milkshakes with friendly service and a beautiful presentation. The milkshakes here are on the pricier end, but worth every penny. The milkshakes are carefully crafted with creative ingredients. You’ll find crowd-pleaser shakes such as the China Doll, a milkshake crafted with sea salt caramel and fortune cookies, and The Wonka, a white chocolate shake made with cranberries, blackberries, raspberries and topped with a colorful display of confetti sprinkles, pop rocks, and a candy straw. This joint also serves up grilled cheese masterpieces such as The Giada, a beef and chicken meatball grilled cheese with mozzarella and rosemary. You won’t be disappointed with the options at this trendy eatery.


The Shakeaway is the world’s largest milkshake bar company and located in “Surf City,” the perfect place for ice cream on a hot, sunny day. In addition to milkshakes, they also serve up fat-free frozen yogurt and smoothies with their low fat, crispy fries. You’ll want to try one of their re-invented milkshakes that are handmade to order featuring fresh, real ingredients. The shakes can be made with ice cream or fat-free frozen yogurt and the first flavor is free! Choose from a variety of flavor categories with a long list of options in each one. Flavor categories are sweety, chocolatey, cakey, biscuity, fruity, and “everything elsey.” Coming up with the perfect, custom shake is a fun experience that you won’t want to miss out on.


Honeymee is a unique eatery that focuses on serving 100% pure and natural honey with their ice cream made from fresh, Californian milk .The honey comes from a local, certified bee farm and the milk is produced on a family-owned, kosher certified dairy factory. Honeymee never adds artificial flavors or colors to its ice cream. They prefer the authentic, sweet taste of natural honey. They have a variety of fresh, honey milkshakes to keep you coming back for more such as sea salt chocolate, matcha, and lavender flavors.